Who are we

Manuel de Oliveira Álvares da Cunha, Importer and Distributor, started his activity in 1978, with the representation of the brand of loudspeakers beyma.

Over the years, added new brands to his portfolio, namely:

- Since 1996, the English hardware brand Penn Fabrication, with his current designation Penn Elcom.

- Since 2002, the loudspeakers brand Selenium, acquired by Harman (JBL) group, with its new name JBL Selenium.

- Since 2012, the Italian loudspeaker's brand Eighteen Sound.  

In 2015 changes his company’s name to Manuel A. C. Sound, Unip., Lda., and creates the brand takesound®. 

Existing in the music market for almost 40 years, this company combines experience and knowledge, stands out for its personalized service and permanent stock, favouring our customers with a highly efficient service!