2V, 6 dB/oct, 120 Khz, 200w rms/400w Progr., 4 OHM

In this passive filter, an extruded aluminum chassis was used, with great resistance to shocks, vibrations and mechanical fatigue to which they will be subjected. The encapsulation also has another purpose other than the one mentioned above, which is to isolate the components, mainly the inductances, from external electromagnetic fields, which could negatively influence the crossover frequencies and cutoff inclinations of the different paths in the system's music reproduction. We highlight these details in relation to the widespread use of filters encapsulated in plastic chassis, with very low mechanical performance, which are also completely permeable to magnetic leakage from speaker motors. It is also worth highlighting the connection system, since as a rule, strong section cables are used from the amplifiers to the speakers. Therefore, threaded connectors were mounted to minimize contact resistance, and capable of accepting a large diameter of wire, maintaining perfect electrical contact under all circumstances. The components used are of high quality, highlighting inductances with a low saturation level at high powers, and with a strong wire section for the bass path, and electrolytic capacitors with low losses and high allowable voltage (100 V). A relatively low crossover frequency (80 Hz) was chosen so that the subwoofer would only reproduce this part of the musical spectrum, leaving the function of reproducing the rest of the higher frequencies to the lower-mid speakers. Crossover frequency 80 Hz Attenuation inclines 6dB/octave. Allowable power 200w Cont. 400w Program 4 ohm impedance.

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